SIMS Hospital conducts high-performance hip replacement surgery

SIMS Hospital conducts high-performance hip replacement surgery

The patient, who was previously diagnosed with osteoarthritis, was prescribed hip replacement surgery as the best and most effective solution for his condition

  • By IPP Bureau | May 21, 2022

The doctors of SIMS Hospital, a leading multispecialty hospital in Chennai announced the successful treatment of a 62-year old UK National with Osteoarthritis through High-Performance Hip Replacement surgery. The surgery was performed by Dr.  Vijay C Bose - Joint Director & Senior Consultant Orthopaedic Surgery and an expert team of doctors, with the help of an advanced technology, whose software was tailor-made based on the patient’s unique condition and the doctor’s recommendations post-diagnosis.

Dr.  Vijay C Bose -  Joint Director & Senior Consultant Orthopaedic Surgery said “Michael Mckenna aged 62 from the UK opted to go for High-Performance Hip Replacement surgery  based on his diagnosis, and also other conditions such as his age, and lifestyle. This process of high-performance surgery using technology helped us achieve procedural navigation and better outcomes among the patients. Based on suggestions from our Orthopaedic team at SIMS, we developed our own software named DiCAST (Digital inclinometer-Co Axial Stitch Techniq) and customized it as per our needs. Using smart-phone aided navigation technology we improved the accuracy in achieving the target angles and improved patient outcomes. The patient had to come all the way from the UK owing to the discomfort caused by osteoarthritis. Using this technique we performed this surgery safely and ensured accurate implant position.  This procedure is advanced when compared to that of a conventional hip replacement surgery yet incredibly effective that is aided by technology and precision-made software”.

India is globally renowned for such surgeries, and SIMS Hospital has remained as one of the top destinations for such technologically-advanced procedures nationwide. The procedure lasted for only about one and half hours, and Michael Mckenna, a builder by profession could have opted the surgery free of cost through National Health Service (NHS) in the UK. However he knew that a standard hip replacement would take the pain away but he would not have an active full-time job as a builder. Hence he opted for a high-performance hip replacement surgery done at SIMS hospital so that he can go back to his athletic nature. He has now been followed up and recuperated incredibly well.

Dr. Raju Sivasamy - Vice President, SIMS Hospital said “Hip Replacement is a technique that is becoming increasingly prevalent in recent years, despite its sheer complexity. Since its inception, the Institute of Orthopaedics also known as AJRI (Asian Joint Reconstruction Institute) at SIMS Hospital continues to be a well-known facility for bone and joint surgery. Our team of skillful and accomplished Orthopaedic surgeons with their committed focus to the science of joint replacement, reconstruction, and preservation adopting the latest techniques and technologies, as a result of which we have patients from all over the world. With each successful procedure, we hope to raise the bar and set the benchmark in the international standard for bone and joint care.”




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