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Biotech | 29 February 2024

TechInvention Lifecare breaks ground of its GCMC

The objective of GCMC is well aligned to WHO’s call to action and India’s National Biotechnology Development Strategy

Biotech | 04 December 2023

Ashland launches Perfectyl to rock skin perfection without injection

Multi-ethnic innovation helps all complexions appear clearer and more uniform

Biotech | 31 October 2023

Aragen setting up a US$ 30 million bio-manufacturing site in Bengaluru

Biologics manufacturing to expand the Aragen platform by offering “gene to GMP” solution

Biotech | 30 October 2023

EnginZyme produces key mRNA vaccine ingredient using biocatalysis

2023 Nobel laureates discovered how pseudouridine could make mRNA suitable for vaccines

Biotech | 25 September 2023

Eurofins opens BioPharma campus in Hyderabad

The campus in Genome Valley will provide services in discovery chemistry & discovery biology, safety toxicology, bioanalytical services and formulation development to global pharmaceutical companies

Biotech | 26 July 2023

TransCure bioServices partners with Preclina to expands reach into APAC

Preclina is renowned for its highly specialized services in autoimmune and inflammatory disorders

Biotech | 21 July 2023

Riparian Pharmaceuticals inks license and research agreement with Pfizer for cardiovascular programs

Pfizer will make upfront and milestone payments, as well as pay royalties on sales of resulting therapeutics

Biotech | 20 July 2023

Sandoz plans to build a Biosimilar Technical Development Center in Slovenia

Planned investment of approximately USD 90 million to build a state-of-the-art Sandoz Biosimilar Technical Development Center in Ljubljana, Slovenia by 2026

Biotech | 10 July 2023

Biotech startups are crucial to India’s future economy, says Dr Jitendra Singh

India’s bioeconomy jumped from $8 billion in 2014 to $100 billion and the country now targets $150 billion by 2025

Biotech | 19 June 2023

Laurus Labs signs MOA with IIT Kanpur for novel gene therapy assets

Laurus will also provide funding for the clinical trials and will launch these products in India and emerging markets

Biotech | 08 June 2023

Bayer partners with biotech firm on lipid nanoparticle delivery systems

Acuitas Therapeutics' LNP technology will support Bayer’s in vivo gene editing and protein replacement programs with the goal of specifically delivering RNA payloads to the desired target organ, the liver.

Biotech | 03 June 2023

Innovent announces 2nd BTD by NMPA for Olverembatinib for treatment of patients with SDH-deficient GIST

Olverembatinib is the first and only third-generation BCR-ABL inhibitor approved in China for the treatment of adult patients with tyrosine kinase inhibitors

Biotech | 25 May 2023

Oncodesign Services and Veritas In Silico jointly to develop mRNA-targeted small molecule drugs

The drug discovery of mRNA-targeted small molecules is rapidly gaining attention due to the current difficulty of developing drugs against conventional protein targets

Biotech | 25 April 2023

Apollo launches Genomics Institute in Chennai

Apollo continues to invest in genomics technology and research for better patient care

Biotech | 18 April 2023

DualityBio collaborates with BioNTech to accelerate development of differentiated antibody-drug conjugate therapeutics

WuXi Bio provided technical services, based on the companies' versatile integrated service platforms, to support various manufacturing and process development activities of these ADC product candidates.

Biotech | 01 April 2023

HSBC acquisition of SVB UK to unleash new opportunities in biotech sector, finds GlobalData

SVB Financial Group and its subsidiaries were involved in over $1.4 billion in total venture financing raised from 2010 to 2022 for drug development

Biotech | 27 February 2023

Porton Advanced and Yinjia Biosciences partner to enhance CDMO technology platform

Yinjia Biosciences will provide Porton Advanced with high-quality core protein raw materials and testing reagent products for quality control and evaluation systems.

Biotech | 23 February 2023

Aji Bio-Pharma develops highly functional ancestral RNA ligase

This artificial RNA ligase has higher thermostability than natural RNA ligase

Biotech | 25 January 2023

CrisprBits develops CRISPR-based SARS-CoV2 test OmiCrisp

OmiCrisp has been developed with support from Centre for Cellular And Molecular Platforms C-CAMP-InDx Program