UBC acquires Examoto

UBC acquires Examoto

With this acquisition, UBC provides the most comprehensive REMS services and innovative risk mitigation solutions for the biopharmaceutical industry

  • By IPP Bureau | August 02, 2022

UBC, a biopharmaceutical leader providing integrated clinical, safety, and commercialization services, today announced that it has acquired Examoto, LLC, a Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) company. Examoto is dedicated to the design, development, deployment, and streamlined operation of technologically driven REMS services in the pharmaceutical market. Transaction terms were not disclosed.

Patrick Lindsay, UBC's President and CEO, said, "We are excited by the compelling opportunities this acquisition presents to expand the industry's leading one-stop-shop for full-service REMS programs. The combination of Examoto's technology-driven approach with UBC's scientific, technological, and operational expertise will ensure the most efficient delivery of successful REMS programs to patients and clients."

"Examoto's technology and design innovations, in concert with UBC's Project Management Office and related REMS services, creates a REMS powerhouse. We will collectively have the most comprehensive, proven capabilities for risk mitigation solutions for the pharma industry," concluded Jason Leedy, Examoto's Founder. "This strategic combination will encourage efficiency, quality, creativity, and synergy across the various REMS workflows and will provide sponsors with a single point of responsibility for their clinical programs."

Natalie O'Donnell, Corporate Vice President, UBC Safety and Risk Management, added, "Today's healthcare market increasingly demands evidence of drug safety and effectiveness to ensure sufficient validation. Our acquisition of Examoto helps cement UBC's status as a preeminent leader in this category with a full-service REMS solution that leverages enhanced technologies and product innovations to help mitigate safety risk while optimizing the commercialization and delivery of products to market."

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