Agilent to improve analysis speeds of genomics bioinformatics

Agilent to improve analysis speeds of genomics bioinformatics

Cloud-native Alissa data analysis SaaS platform empowers clinical labs and researchers to scale operations with parallel analysis of genomic data

  • By IPP Bureau | June 08, 2022

Agilent Technologies, a global leader in genomics technology, announced it will use Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) G5g instances powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) Graviton2 processors and featuring NVIDIA T4G Tensor Core GPUs, in combination with NVIDIA Clara Parabricks’ advanced genomics analysis capabilities, to significantly improve processing speeds for variant calling workflows on Agilent’s cloud-native Alissa Reporter software.

This collaboration enables Agilent to offer streamlined workflow solutions for its SureSelect family of next-generation sequencing (NGS) assays comprising a wide range of custom and catalog panels, including SureSelect Human Exome reagents. The integration of NVIDIA Clara Parabricks platform with the Alissa secondary analysis pipelines enables clinical labs and researchers to benefit from fast panel-specific data analysis solutions in a secure and user-friendly cloud software environment.

"Agilent’s SureSelect panels are widely utilized to enrich samples for specific genes of interest, enabling cost-effective targeted sequencing. We’re now able to leverage our bioinformatics expertise, in combination with NVIDIA’s compute expertise, to offer our customers optimized analysis solutions through a combination of Agilent’s optimized variant calling algorithms and NVIDIA’s accelerated compute capabilities,” said   Vice President and General Manager of Agilent’s Integrated Genomics Division.

“We’re also excited to extend our collaboration with AWS to further leverage its data security capabilities and global reach, so we can offer cloud-based analysis capabilities to customers on a global basis,” Meldrum added.

“As the scale and scope of genomics experiments accelerates, reducing analysis turnaround times is more important than ever,” said George Vacek, Global Director of Genomics Alliances at NVIDIA. “The integration of NVIDIA Clara Parabricks with Agilent’s Alissa Reporter software package will enable clinical labs and researchers to improve the efficiency and costs associated with NGS data analysis, helping to advance genomics discovery and medicine.”

"Working with Agilent and NVIDIA, we are giving genomics customers worldwide the ability to take advantage of and innovation with AWS’s secure and transformative cloud computing capabilities that offer the best cost and performance globally. Running genomics workloads in the cloud, allows customers to focus on the important work they are doing to speed insights and achieve scientific breakthroughs that uncover novel and lifesaving products,” said Ankit Malhotra, Genomics Lead, Healthcare, Worldwide Public Sector at Amazon Web Services.

“We look forward to our continuing collaboration with both companies to help advance genomic discoveries supported by the cloud. Agilent is committed to working with AWS and NVIDIA to continually advance genomic data analysis capabilities, including region-specific adaptations to meet local security and compliance criteria.”

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