GL Chemtech appoints Dr. John Warner as Green Chemistry Innovation Advisor

GL Chemtech appoints Dr. John Warner as Green Chemistry Innovation Advisor

Reinforcing GLC’s commitment to sustainable processing in pharmaceutical chemistry

  • By IPP Bureau | November 14, 2022

GL CHEMTEC (GLC), a specialist in advanced chemistry R&D and scale-up services to support Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) development, and the development of advanced materials for drug delivery, biomedical materials, and other life science applications, announced that it has appointed Dr. John Warner as its Green Chemistry Innovation Advisor – Pharma & Biotech. This move reflects the commitment that GL CHEMTEC has to the environment and to sustainability in R&D and Manufacturing.

Dr. Warner is one of the Co-Founders of the field of Green Chemistry, having written the defining textbook: “Green Chemistry: Theory and Practice” that codifies the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry. John has over 330 patents and 100 publications in a wide variety of chemistry and materials science areas. His inventions have served as the basis of companies such as Ambient Photonics, Collaborative Medicinal Development, Collaborative Aggregates and Hairprint. He is Co-Founder of The Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry, and the non-profit green chemistry education organization, Beyond Benign. John continues to work with and advise several companies and organizations on how to incorporate the principles of green chemistry to facilitate innovation.

Lisa Studnicki Hunt, Ph.D., COO and Co-Founder of GLC commented, “John has always been a friend to GLC and has motivated the team to work towards developing more sustainable chemistries on a daily basis. We are so pleased that John has decided to join GLC as our Green Chemistry Innovation Advisor in order to take our Pharma & Biotech projects to the next level.”

Gamil Alhakimi, Ph.D., MBA, President and Co-Founder of GLC added, “We are very excited to have John, a world leader in Green Chemistry, help us steer our services for Pharma and Biotech towards more sustainable chemical processes in collaboration with our valued clients.”

John Warner, Ph.D, Green Chemistry Innovation Advisor of GLC commented, “I look forward to helping GL CHEMTEC increase their influence and impact in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries, creating a more sustainable future.”

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