TTK Healthcare launches e-Superstore - 'Love Depot'
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TTK Healthcare launches e-Superstore - 'Love Depot' addresses this gap that is yawning in the market

  • By IPP Bureau | June 30, 2022

The pleasure portal is launched by TTK Healthcare Ltd - one of the pioneers and a mega player in the sexual pleasure space. Down the years, for more than seven decades now, TTK Healthcare has been placing on the shop shelves products that the Indian consumers could never do without but could never bring themselves to ask for either - including those for contraception.

LoveDepot stocks its racks with internationally celebrated brands such as plusOne, Love Honey, We-Vibe, Je Joue, Satisfyer, as well TTK Healthcare's own brands Skore and Mschief, among others. And its products span an impressively wide price bracket that ranges from wallet-friendly items that come for INR 600 to some that carry a tag of INR 30,000, positioned to please those who are unhesitant to splurge on themselves.

Commenting on the launch Vishal Vyas, Head of Marketing, TTK Healthcare Ltd said, "LoveDepot is built on one of the cornerstones of sexual wellness that we often let fall between the cracks: pleasure. It is born out of a firm conviction: that everyone deserves to seek and conquer the peaks of sexual fulfilment. It is structured to provide the shopper - regardless of gender identity or sexual preference - an empowering experience, offering both choice and control. And its driven by a single-minded purpose - to close the pleasure deficit in the market."

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