Snazzy launches scan box and remote monitoring app to achieve 100% orthodontic goals

Snazzy launches scan box and remote monitoring app to achieve 100% orthodontic goals

The startup plans to provide free technology to dental clinics upon registration.

  • By IPP Bureau | September 24, 2022

Dental tech startup Snazzy has launched India’s first Scan Box and Monitoring App that helps deliver a complete aligner treatment to their patients. 

With the introduction of this technology, doctors and staff are set to have full visibility of treatment throughout along with the improvement of communication between both. Additionally, they plan to give the dentists the ability to increase the frequency of a patient’s follow up, proactively address concerns with noncompliance, and reduce patient inconvenience.

Recently, it has been brought to light that majority of all invisible braces treatment remain unfinished. The startup has been working towards achieving transparency between the professional and their patient in order to ensure a 100% compliance in aligner treatment.

Commenting on this launch, Dr. Raj Shekhar, Lead Orthodontist, Snazzy, said: “We believe that dentists and orthodontists should be able to automate and virtualize everything outside of the clinical side of care and at the same time create a more connected and convenient patient experience. I have been helped into making this a reality through these products and now have an outstanding patient experience and improved practice efficiency with virtual treatment monitoring.”

Founded by IIT Hyderabad graduates, the startup is providing dental clinics with free six months of marketing along with this invisible braces technology, which has been very newly introduced in India.

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