CellOrigin Biotech collaborates with Qilu Pharma to develop CAR-iMAC Cell Therapy

CellOrigin Biotech collaborates with Qilu Pharma to develop CAR-iMAC Cell Therapy

  • By IPP Bureau | September 27, 2022

CellOrigin Biotech (Hangzhou) announced it has made a global strategic collaboration agreement with Qilu Pharma to develop, manufacture and commercialize proprietary "off-the-shelf" induced pluripotent stem cell- (iPSC) derived Chimeric Antigen Receptor Macrophages (CAR-iMAC) for cancer immunotherapy.

The collaboration will take advantages of technologies and expertise from both parties, as well as integrate capabilities of R&D, manufacturing and marketing to develop CAR-iMAC clinical products aiming for solid tumors.

"Innovation and offering the best products that benefit patients are the core values that CellOrigin Biotech and Qilu Pharma both appreciate," said Dr. Jin Zhang, the Co-Founder of CellOrigin Biotech and a Principal Investigator of Zhejiang University, one of the top universities in China. "This is what brings us together."

"We are very excited to collaborate with Qilu Pharma because of its prestige in the field of Chinese pharmaceutical industry, as well as its tremendous track records on drug development," said Dr. Jiansong Tong, the Chief Executive Officer at CellOrigin Biotech. "Meanwhile, we will continue to seek other potential collaborators to jointly develop our innovative anti-tumor CAR-iMac cell products."

"CellOrigin Biotech is a startup company established by a group of outstanding scientists who have tremendous experiences both in R&D research and cGMP manufacture. It focused on developing innovative technologies in cell therapy and building valuable pipeline of products. It is an ideal strategic partner for novel cell therapy, and it is our pleasure to collaborate with such a great biotech company," said Qilu Pharma.

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