Aarogya Pay to make healthcare accessible for patients

Aarogya Pay to make healthcare accessible for patients

As part of Aarogya Pay, QR codes will be installed at doctors’ clinics that patients can scan to avail instant medical loans at 0% interest and 3/6 EMIs.

  • By IPP Bureau | May 21, 2022

Navia Life Care, one of the most trusted smart healthcare providers has recently launched ‘Aarogya Pay’ – a completely digital process to make instant loans (Buy Now Pay Later) available to patients. With this exclusive launch, the company aims to make medical treatments accessible to patients, by enabling instant loans at zero interest and 3/6 EMIs.

Considering the skyrocketing medical costs, health insurance policies fall short of the requirements. In many cases, people have to run pillar to post in need of immediate funds to get started with their treatment. Aarogya Pay is a fully-digital process in which a QR code is installed at the doctor’s clinic. After scanning the code, Aarogya Pay helps patients to avail and get a medical loan approved instantaneously.

Aarogya Pay provides a pre-approved credit limit of up to Rs. 60000 per patient. Patients can avail this loan for medical procedures, treatments, consultations, medicine purchases, and lab tests.

Gaurav Gupta, Co-Founder, Navia Life Care said, “Insurance penetration in the country is low which leads to high out-of-pocket expenditure for patients. This in turn leads to poor care quality as patients push their treatments to later dates. Aarogya Pay aims to change this by providing a Buy Now pay Later/ instant zero-cost EMI option to patients. With Aarogya Pay, we endeavor to help patients in expediting their treatment process and access funds quickly for regular medical procedures.”


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