CAHO and PFPSF launch Patient Advisory Councils

CAHO and PFPSF launch Patient Advisory Councils

Patient Advisory Councils (PACs) to be set up across hospitals to make patients true partners in enhancing patient safety and improving care delivery

  • By IPP Bureau | September 18, 2023

The Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organizations (CAHO) and the Patient for Patient Safety Foundation (PFPSF) are joining forces to emphasize the critical importance of patient engagement in healthcare through the establishment of Patient Advisory Councils (PACs) and the promotion of Patient Reported Experience Measures (PREMs) on World Patient Safety Day 2023 on September 17.

This year's World Patient Safety Day theme, "Engaging patients for patient safety," perfectly aligns with their mission.

Dr. Alexander Thomas, Founder President, and Patron of CAHO, emphasized the vital role of trust and communication in the patient-provider relationship. He noted that instances of medical errors can erode this trust, not only impacting the patient's confidence in their care but also undermining the broader healthcare system.

Dr. Nagendra Swamy S C, Patron of CAHO, stressed the importance of recognizing patients as active collaborators in their healthcare journey. Research has shown that when patients are engaged, there is a significant improvement in safety, patient satisfaction, and overall health outcomes.

Engaging patients in their healthcare is a crucial step toward addressing the issue of medical errors. Patient Advisory Councils are central to this effort, serving as platforms for patients to voice their concerns and influence decision-making processes. CAHO passionately advocates for the establishment of PACs to ensure that patients' voices are heard, integrated, and valued within the healthcare system.

Dr. Vijay Agarwal, President of CAHO, expressed enthusiasm for the overwhelming response received from healthcare providers across India. He described the initiative as a significant moment in the country's healthcare delivery history and added "To support the establishment of these councils, CAHO is releasing a comprehensive "Step-by-Step Guide to Establishing a PAC."

Dr. Lallu Joseph, Secretary General of CAHO, highlighted another critical initiative aimed at sensitizing healthcare organizations to "Patient Reported Experience Measures" (PREMs). PREMs are self-reporting instruments that gauge patients' perceptions of their care experiences and help assess whether healthcare providers are meeting patients' needs.

Kris Gopalakrishna, Co-Founder and Former Vice Chairman of Infosys, will unveil the Patient Advisory Councils (PACs) on World Patient Safety Day, September 17th, 2023, at Ramaiah Medical College. Esteemed healthcare industry opinion leaders and stalwarts will come together at this momentous event to not only inaugurate PACs but also to establish comprehensive guidelines and chart the path forward for its seamless integration within hospitals. Additionally, the event will underscore the significance of encouraging hospitals to actively participate in the Patient-Reported Experience Measures (PREM) initiative.

CAHO takes pride in its role in creating PFPSF, an organization dedicated to educating and raising awareness about patient safety. PFPSF aims to prevent avoidable harm by empowering patients, healthcare providers, patient support groups, corporations, and caregivers to proactively engage in their healthcare journeys.

Som Mittal, Chairman of PFPSF, emphasized the significance of providing a neutral forum for the patient community to "Elevate their Voice" and share valuable insights with their caregivers. He urged patients to leverage this opportunity to engage in their own care and work towards reducing avoidable harm.

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